Brain washing in everyday life

I just read through the article below, its interesting and gives you a fun new game to play the next time you watch the news or see a commercial, find the brainwashing!

It always amazes me how easy it is to exploit the human psyche, and how bad we are at realizing it. The emotional manipulation seems to be quite common lately, especially since its election season, but all of them are fairly common on any US news program you watch.
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  1. If you go onto Youtube and search "TodayTonight"

    You will see the worst of Australian jornualism...
  2. :)) soon I'll just wear a good ole tin foil hat, that'll teach them to try and brainwash me.:)))
  3. It's spelt Foiltin hat.

    Confuses the Feds.
  4. The term you need to know and the process to understand is referred to as "neuro-association."

    First time people smoke cigarettes, they're horrible. But you learn to associate it with pleasure, thus it becomes a pleasure.
    Have a bad experience after eating a food? Yeah, you probably don't rush back to eat that food.
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