I want to do a mild overclock of a xp 2600 or 2700 and want a cooler that is quiet but cools enough to do the Job. Anyone have experience with GLOBALWIN TAK58 Ive heard good things about it but any other suggestions are welcome THX.
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  1. A good starter is Tom's review which included the globalwin tak58.
    The box says it is suitable for up to the xp3000+ so it should do the job and according to Toms review its one of the quietest he tested.
  2. Yep I read they Review but just wondered if anyone had personal experience with this cooler. I don't remember seeing that it is recomended for up to 3000+ if so then I guess it will do what I need. Couple questions though as Ive never installed a cooler to my CPU before will the weight of 445g of this cooler damage the cpu? as Ive heard 300g is the limit for warrantee protection. Also since the CoolJag JVC652A is under 300g would this cooler be recomended over the TAK 58? I think I would prefer the TAK 58 since I read it is simple to install but I guess Im worried about the weight and if that is something I should be concerned about or not....please give opinions thx as I will order today or tomorrow.
  3. The weight of the cooler certainly means you have to be careful but the tak58 in particular is easier to be careful with. You will find several of the more serious heatsink/fans (HSF) will be heavier than the suggested limit. Most often this means you will need to remove the HSF if you will be moving the machine (such as for LAN parties) but if it just sits in one place it should be fine.

    I bought the tak58 the other day which is why i know it says up to 3000+ on the box.
  4. Hey thx for your help I think I will order the tak 58.
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