Should i get a new case or HSF?

I'm getting frustrated with this. Currently my system is as follows:

AthlonXP 1700+
512ddr pc2100
raedon8500 64mb
epox 8k3a+ motherboard
soundblaster live value!
USR 56k pci modem

My problem is that i'm tired of my room eventually heating up like an oven and would really like to get my system temp and cpu temp down significantly so my room isn't so hot. I do live in texas and definatly understand that its going to run hotter now. It was fine during the winter. Currently my cpu temp is getting to around 52c just idle and system temp is mid to high 30's. I'm using the Volcano 7+ and recnetly i just upgraded to the Antec TruePower 430watt PSU. Which i must say is an excellent PSU runs very quiet. I'm not sure what more i can do i like to keep the sound lvl as it is i can't stand loud system. My case is just some cheap $30 one i bought from compusa a few years back when i didn't have the money. I've got 1 Antec case fan in the front bottom of the case as well as 1 in the rear blowing out. I've just cut off the plastic barrier that the front fan sits in to allow more air flow but i haven't seen it make a difference at all. I've even sliced my ribon cables (carefully) and used a twist tie to make them like the rounded cables that sell for $20 :/ I'm pretty sure i've made as much room for air to flow inside as i possible can by tucking all the cables and what not into the drive bays ontop of my HD and CD-ROM. But, still i can put my hand on the top of my case and feel it getting very warm and just the ambient temp in room gradually rises to warm.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking of getting that new coolmaster Aero 7 HSF, but i'm wondering if i should just finally break down and buy a more expensive case instead?
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  1. Small matter of physics... your computer will produce the same amount of heat no matter what cpu cooler you have and no matter what case it's in. The goal of coolers and fans is to disperse this given amount of heat over as wide an area as possible... it is unlikely that, even with the best case and cooler it will lower your room temperature very much at all...

    You can, however, improve on that 50c temperature with a better heatsink and fan. For XP chips I generally recommend "hybrids", copper bottoms with aluminum fins for maximum cooling effect. Idle temperatures will be in the low to mid 40s and full stress might push it into the low 50s. Any Hybrid cooler with a thermal resistence of .6 or less will do your job for you... Here's an example:
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    Case wise... the big issue is airflow... You want air to come into the front of your case, circulate through the whole case and go out the back.
    For the fans to have as much effect as possible you need at least as much area letting air in the front as you have blowing it out the back. More fans will not help if the case won't let fresh air in. You won't necessarily need fans in the front but you do need lots of intake space to make it work. Unused exhaust openings on the back should be closed off as this will "short circuit" the airflow in the rest of the case by allowing air sucked in the open hole to go directly to the exhaust fan and get wafted right back out... without drawing air in the front.

    Also, keep your computer away from anything that might block the fans. Putting a computer in a corner or in a cabinet without at least 6" of clearance for the fans will probably end up totally defeating them altogether.

    Of course, as I said above, this might cool your computer a little better... but it probably won't help your room much.

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  2. The reason i was thinking of getting a new case is that i only have 1 fan in the bottom front of my case bringing air in. While my PSU, Antec TruPower 430w, has 2 fans i also have 1 Antec 80mm case fan for exaust. Would i be correct in assuming that if i could increase the air flow of cool air into my system as well as exaust with a new case. That the exaust from the back of my system wouldn't be as hot and in return heating my room up? As it is my system during idle is running probably 15 degrees more then the ambient room temp.

    Also, as i've said previously i just put in this Antec TruePower 430w PSU. Previously i had an Antec 350w supply that was much louder which is why i made the switch. I believe my cpu temp has gone up since adding this new PSU. Does that sound possible?

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  3. First... no matter the actual temperature of the air, you will still be putting the same mumber of BTUs into your room. Keeping the inside of the case cooler, while a very good idea, does not mean your system is producing less heat. It only means it's not being trapped inside the case. With a well ventilated case, your room (if it's small enough to be that affected) may actually get warmer.

    Next... yes you definately need to increase the air intake on your system. If you aren't into case-mods, that probably means buying a new case.

    And last... your CPU temps are probably up because with the increased air exhaust from the power supply, the cooler fan is running in a slight vaccum and can't push enough air against the cooler to get maximum effect. It could also be that with a better power supply your CPU has more power available to draw on and is naturally running a bit hotter because of it.

    It all sounds like you should invest in a) a new case and b) air conditioning.

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  4. you are looking at heat nomatter what fast cpu you use. AMD or intel both put out significant amounts of heat.

    A point of intrest, the 8k3a+ motherboard often overreports system temps.
    if your actual case is getting hot then you may need better case cooling, or just a better case.
    course the case will allways get warmer around the top where the PSU is.
    some cases are just crap when it comes to airflow... and only significant modding can fix it.

    but bottom line, the room will still get warm.
    A 17" CRT monitor puts out up to 130W of heat. A psu another 25-50W. the cpu, 50W to 100W. the GPU maybe 25-50W. It all adds up.
    One option is to upgrade your CPU to a TbredA or B running at the same XP1700+ speed. they run on alot lower voltages, which will cut the heat output significantly.

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  5. I have the TruPower 330 and its fan(s) are fairly slow as far as P/S's go, so, it is conceivable that not as much air is moved because of it.

  6. Check out this case, I have it for sale, I also have a 6-fan dual-voltage baybus to control the case fans, there is a 430 Watt Enermax Dualfan Whisper PSU in it, but I don't have to sell it if you already have a PSU.
    The case:
    The case is in good condition, however I don't have any of the case fans in it. I was going to replace them and never got around to it.
    With the power supply, I am asking 200 bucks, which IMO isn't bad because the power supply costs 100.00, the case cost 110.00, and the baybus around 40.00, there is nothing wrong with the case. Without the Powersupply, I would like 150.00 for it. It has a total of 13 internal drive bays, I like it. I also have an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb for sale if you wanna upgrade your video card too. The case did keep my pc cooler, thats my opinion.
    Tell me what you think...
  7. Thanks for the offer. But, i just went to CompUSA and bought myself a new Antec PowerPlus 1080 =) Great case i must say. Its dropped my system temp by 10 degrees celcius and keeping it there no matter what so far. CPU temp has even dropped 5 degrees celcius idle. So now i've got cpu running consistantly aroune 47c even during high loads and system temp holding steady at 32c
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