Best gaming headset for under 150 bucks

i was looking at the corsair 1500 but i will probly get a sound card eventually so i dont want a usb headset, and i would like it to have a good mic aswell. and i would like it to be comfortable also. and it doesnt have to look good but you know, i dont want to look like a complete retard if someone walks in when im gaming. and im in canada so it has to be available here, thanks for the help
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  1. I really suggest getting a mic separately. A mic for a headset is like an Operating System for a laptop. It can always be changed at any point in time. Anyway, check these two out, and see if you like them.

    Both are really good, and used for gaming. On the second link, it keeps saying it's not for gaming, but it is, my mate has a pair, and it's sound is sexy :)
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