Black ops widow needing help!!

Please help!
I am a 50 something MW/CoD Black Ops widow trying to find a gift for my hard working 50 something Husband. He currently tries to save the world on his PC using his Steel Series something or other keyboard with programmable keys and a Logitech Trackball mouse.
I myself game on both a PC using keyboard and mouse (Assassins Creeds, BioShocks) and on Xbox using a controller (Halo, Borderlands) and have to say that in certain 'skirmish' type situations I do find the controller has the edge when needing to perform a particular task quickly!!
I was wondering if there was a controller that would be suitable for my hubby to use on his MW/CoD games? He rarely plays anything else, and mostly multiplayer games too.
Any help would be very greatly appreciated, as all I get is strange looks if I ask this type of question in a store!!

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  1. If your husband likes to use a controller, a USB wired Xbox 360 controller will work on a PC.
    typically for shooters on PC, a keyboard and mouse is the tool of choice.
    If he needs a new mouse, check out the g9x.... love mine
  2. A mouse and keyboard is always the faster and more precise option.

    If he uses a controller he will be beaten my others using a mouse and keyboard and it will be frustrating.

    If he only plays single player and he prefers controller then get him that.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll get him a new mouse then, as he won't like losing his multiplayer games!!
    Many thanks again
    Have a great day
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