Old strategy game

Log time ago about 7-8years i was play one strategy game,but now i dont know name :/

I remember few thing about it:there is farmer (they gahter resurs/grain etc..And some wariors like njinja and shamans(shamans have stick they fight with them) i remeber there is some mummy and horse.And when you research somethign you can use COMETES OR METEORES on you enemy..If you can help me game is very good but i dont know name :(

Is not strongolds,AoE,AoM,battlerelisms,etc,etc (most similar for this game)
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  1. Check if it could be one of the following:

    -total annihilation kindoms
    -warcraft 2 or 3
  2. Addict nop :/
  3. settlers?
  4. where is njinja and shaman in settlers :/ Nop game is old maybe 8age-..
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