I am at a complete loss here.

So here is the deal... I have a machine that is a couple years old that i gave to my stepson and now all of the sudden it seems that every game under the sun will not work on it any more, or at least most of them run horribly.

First off the specs..
asus m4n75td motherboard
amd athlon 2 x2 250 cpu
4 gigs ddr3 ram
sli 9800 gt's
XP service pack 3

I had this pc for 2 years and never had an issue with it. It ran WoW high res around 80 frames, DDO high res around 90 frames, call of duty modern warfare 2 in high res ran seamless(never checked the frame rate there) I was able to stream HD video just fine. give it to him and he started playing rift, wow and guild wars, again everything fine... got battlefield 3 and oblivion and fallout 3 new vegas also fine. Then he started playing all the little 5 dollar and 10 dollar games from steam and everything went to hell.

My first though is he has a virus or some malware so i went and checked and there was a bit of adware but that was it. then i though maybe he screwed up settings and checked that out.. wow and ddo were the only games he still had on there and they still ran fine. but we wiped the hd and started over, wow and ddo still run fine, and all the other stuff is running like crap. frequent drops to 4 fps or complete freezing. His video cards are a little warm, but not that bad.. about 140ish, and they have additional fans cooling them.

I don't know what direction to go in other than to say its the games he is playing that is the problem, but i know that they have to be running fine on other peoples machines. I Know it is a 3 year old machine, but it far exceeds the mins on most games, and is a much faster machine than my mother-in-laws laptop that he claims his steam games run just fine on. She bought a $400 walmart laptop about 3 years ago.

I have some friends that are running just fine with similar rigs so it isn't the amd cpu.

anyone else having similar issues?
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  1. 60'c is pretty hot for that cpu. its recommended max temp is between 55 and 72'c my guess is the fans need cleaning and the paste needs replacing. so if its a poor sample it may well be overheating and causing a throttle...

    use hw monitor and speed fan to make sure your getting the correct reading as they can often be off on 1 or the other if an overclock is active.
    using Celsius is always preferred as the manufacturers tend to use that.
    as you did a fresh install also bf3 wont work on xp as its a dx10 game and xp is dx9 only.
    as for exceeding minimum. sorry mate it doesnt. its at the minimum requirements for games like bf3, deus x and pretty much any new AAA game. even then its gonna be the o.s that lets it down b4 the hardware does as games companies are switching away from dx9 compatible titles. it will still have the grunt to play most older games but if there dx10 capable (even though there on xp there still classed as dx10 capable) titles then you will be reducing settings to get them working.

    anyways back to your issue.
    check the startup and make sure theres no realplayer, itunes or any other garbage clogging up the works.(tasj managers process explorer will also help. make sure you have less than 50 running processes on a gaming system) go into control pannel and use the admin tools services to disable any unneeded services (dont just turn them off look them up first to see if there essential)... also make sure you have the user hive cleanup service installed from m.s it doesnt come as standard but will clean up a lot of user account errors.
    anyways in startup (use ccleaner) you only want an antivirus. audio and video, keybaord and mouse drivers only starting at startup. everything else needs removing... you should just be able to disable them first and if the next reboot starts in a timley fashion, ie just as quick or quicker you can then delete the startup entries you dissabled.
    next get a trial copy of windows manager. use the clean up and optomize functions and go through step by step. disable any unneeded services (you will be asked if you have a printer and the likes if not then disable that and other options your given is applicable.
    basically just clean up and optimize the pc... run a reg cleaner then defrag and finally reboot and try a game...
  2. It's a combination of everything. You're working with some really low specs here. Your processor is a low end processor, so is your GPU. AND you're running it on XP. A lot of the newer games don't run well on XP at all. Keep your GPU and processor, since you seem confident it'll run the games, and change your OS to windows 7 or 8. You'll see a world of difference.
  3. Hey, I just wanted to add, check that SLI is working correctly. If it's on, try turning it off and running the games then. Maybe the games he's trying to run don't support SLI well.
  4. guess he will get an OS update soon. Wasn't even thinking about the direct x version coming into play. anything else he wants he can buy himself, or he can do extra chores to earn. Thanks for the suggestions.
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