Assassin's Creed 3: A warning and a kind request

Hey guys!

I got Assassin's Creed 3 today and spent almost whole time playing it. However - a dreadful thing happened. During autosave, the game crashed. When I loaded it back up, all my saved games were gone. Went to save game directory - the file was there! However, as soon as I opened it with a hex editor I saw that all it contained was 43 Kilobytes of zeroes.

Here's a warning: backup your saved game as often as you can. Trust me, it feels really bad having lost the saved game - I spent a lot of time on it.

The save games are located at

if you have 32 bit windows: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames
if you have 64 bit windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames

I will also be writing a program to automatically backup the saved games of the game every 10 minutes - I will post upload link here when I am finished with it.

And if someone, who has played the game and finished less than 4 chapters of the game, sees this thread, could you please upload the save game folder to a file storage like dropbox? I won't be playing the game until tomorrow, and it would be nice to start from somewhere that isn't total beginning.

Thank you.
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  1. Ouch! Thanks for the heads up
  2. can someone pls upload some savegame? any savegame...

    i was playing till Seq 5 and after updating the game, my save game is damaged :(

    please kind people, please.

    much appreciated.
  3. I'm near the part where you're running around chasing an indian girl. Would be truly grateful if someone would upload a save somewhere near that part.
  4. any of us can give me a savegame of the seq 6??
    the saved data is not there i try moving it from place to check, and still detecting it inside game
  5. I think this is 1 of the reason ubisoft going to release a big patch next few days,
  6. Quote:
    i have savegame for sequence 4

    It would be really amazing if you could upload that!
  7. Sequence 6 save please
  8. Ceee9 said:
    I think this is 1 of the reason ubisoft going to release a big patch next few days,

    I hope that patch will include ultra-widescreen ARs, as it stands it doesn't work for multi-mon as its stuck at 16:9 so only 1 monitor usable for my 3x1L Eyefinity config :(
    Even though they promised proper multi monitor support at launch.
  9. Can I request for an updated save game (latest playthrough?) that stretches out until sequence 5 or 6? Would greatly appreciate it!! Many thanks!
  10. Does anybody have a save game for sequence 4 only? please
  11. Thank you Sunius!!! your awesome!
  12. Hi there does anyone got a save from seq 10?
  13. I would appriciate it if anyone could post a save from sequence 7.

    Thank you.
  14. Did this work for anyone? Please don't just send your .saves, but .save.metadata as well! Kind of obvious you need that as well. If it is possible at all... I fear its replay time. all bloody 80% of it.

    I was at the bloody last mission, with a lot of side missions completed when it corrupted.... grrr! Shame on you Ubisoft. Simplistic console design really ruins PC games.

    p.s. this is for the normal version, not THETA which corrupts it anyways.
  15. I backed up my save, then it got corrupted and when i try to copy over the backup save, it doesnt work! Neither does any of the files uploaded on this thread
  16. The files didn't work for me as well at first. Then I decided to reinstall the game - and wholla, it worked. For some reason I suspect that the game gets corrupted, not the save games...
  17. Nathoka, god bless you!! Thank you for your save files, because I aslo had the problem with the saves that were deleted when my computer crashed, so you saved me :bounce: And I don't know how, but your seq 6 save file is the exact as mine was, it's the coincidence, but the like a boss coincidence :D And If the name in the save is your real name, then you will understand this....Dejane Burazeru, hvala ti kao bogu, znaci nemas pojma koliko sam se mucio kao prvo da nadjem gde mi je jebeni save location na kompu, da mogu sklonim save-ove unapred pre nego sto mi se obrisu u sledeceg puta, i dva puta sam kretao igru, izgubio sam volju da igram Assassina vise u kurac -.- Ali sa ovim tvojim save-ovima si me spasio kao niko, znaci brate hvala ti od srca, i account sam ovde napravio samo da bih ti se zahvalio :D Ako imas face, milom te posalji mi link da te dodam za prijatelja xD
    And if you don't understand this, then, ***'s not important, and thank you one more time, because your save files saved me ^_^
  18. I will try to reinstall it
  19. Hello, does anyone have a savegame for sequence 8 ?
    7 would be fine too

  20. thanks a lot :)
  21. none of those saves work for me always says corrupted ...what am i suposed to do ?
  22. Yea i got the same problem as Lukyno554, i cant get any saves to work!
  23. Hi I uninstalled my p2p versen of the game to install my legal copy and the saves got corrupt, can someone plz tell me exactly how to fix it, shall I just put the in the 54 folder or what? Nothing workes, I have tried to reinstall the game several times already. Sorry for my bad english
  24. Think I'll wait even longer now :lol: already waited to get it on PC now this!!
  25. does anyone have a sequence 9 or 10 save? would be amazing thank you!
  26. Quote:
    If it is true that you cant play cracked save games, did everyone post cracked saves on this thread? Cuz nothing works for me (seq 3 LEGAL copy plz)

    They worked for me. So yea, it's not the truth. I had to reinstall the game and patch it to make it work, though.
  27. Hi, my game crashed right after you're following your Indian friend to the village because Johnson's there to purchase the land. It's after the part where you throw those tea crates into the water. I don't remember what sequence that was though. When I was entering the frontier, it redscreen'd and crashed. Also, please link me to your entire saved game folder(the one with the really long and weird name). I have the legit game, and all of the saves in this thread refused to work, so please post only if you have the legit game. Thank You!
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