Hitman Absolution FPS?

So I tried running hitman absolution on Ultra settings:

i5 3570k
1600 8GB RAM

Benchmark tests results:

31 Max
25 Avg
21 Min

I have only played throught the first mission on Ultra and it appears to play smooth even with these low FPS numbers. I understand the benchmark was from a particular tasking part of the game with large crowds, shadows, and lighting. Does anyone know if the game is actually playable on Ultra or will I need to lower my settings?
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  1. Yes, the game is "actually playable on ultra" :|

    AND yes, you need to lower your settings. Your i5 3570 is the problem.
  2. I find it hard to believe that my GTX 680 coupled with my i5 3570k processor is not enough to run the game at max settings. I would love to hear what kind of rig would be required to run it then? I understand games are sometime just built crappy for the PC such as this one. However my question is in a game like Hitman will playing at near 30FPS really be a negative experience compared to 60+.
  3. Don't worry, your specs are fine :-) A few people have had performance issues with this, even using dual GTX690s. Just get the latest beta drivers, they fix the issue. Not sure when a non-beta version will be out that fixes it. Up to you - you can either be patient for the non-beta fixed drivers or if you're OK using beta drivers, do that.
  4. Hi Guys, I just did the test and I am not sure what's causing low framerates. My PC is pretty good (though I am sure you may disagree). What are your thoughts?

    CPU: AMD FX 8150 8 Core 3.6 Ghz
    Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1866Mhz
    GFX: Sapphire HD 7950 OC 3GB DDR5
    PSU: Corsair TX 750W V2

    My results on Ultra:

    Max: 33 FPS
    Min: 19 FPS
    Average: 26 FPS

    How could it be so low?!
  5. You're using those new beta drivers?
  6. Hitman Absolution favors amd gpus.
  7. That can't account for such a huge difference. Check out the other Hitman performance threads on here - driver update made a huge difference (not like 20% better, MUCH better).
  8. I have two Evga GtX 570 Superclocked graphicscards in sli and I have everything on Ultra, only msaa on 4x and I have average FPS of 45.
  9. Spec:
    Intel Core i7 930 @ 3.3G
    12GB 1333
    GTX 670 X 2 Sli

    Benchmark on Ultra:
    Max: 66.7
    Min: 22.1
    Average: 53

    CPU is not the issue anymore I think, this game is GPU depend.
  10. Drivers.
  11. I have a G620 @ 2.6GHz with a Radeon 7770. I can run it in ultra perfectly. The in game benchmark showe just 20 FPS. But fraps and bandi cam show over 60.
  12. Update the drivers. It will improve the performance.
  13. If you are using MSAA turn it off and just use FXAA because MSAA is killing fps here.
  14. Figured I'd add my 2c here since I just upgraded my GPU from 5870 > 7950 and OCed my i7 930 from 2.8 > 3.6.

    i7-930 @ 3.6
    7950 @ 900/1250 (stock, beta 12.11 drivers)
    6g RAM
    Asrock x58 Extreme
    Max settings.

    Max fps 130
    Min FPS 40
    Average 55

    Game runs fine at 60fps most of the time with a few places completely killing it, first place being outside the mansion on the first mission I'd drop to 30 fps and during the train level I also would drop to 30 fps. And from what I can tell I'm not the only one that has those issues either.
  15. its just a probleme with hitman it self cuz i have the amd Hd 7870 and run everything on ultra and even mmsa is on 8 and its like from 40fps to 60fps.My cpu is i5-2400 and i have 8 gig ram.Oh and im not sure if this will help but i had a 520w psu and it lag like hell but then i got a 700w psu and now runs beter for me,but it just a suggestion.hope it helped
  16. The game is playable in Ultra, but i too have lowered the settings to "high" just for the extra FPS. To be honest you can't notice that much difference. I think the game would run better in SLI mode if any. The game plays well for me but i would say this game is even more demanding than Battlefield 3 on ultra.

    My Specs :

    Coolermaster Haf X, i7, 3930K @ 4.3Ghz, Intel Watercooler, 8GB HyperXRam 1866Mhz, Kingston HyperX 256GB SDD + 500GB Sata HDD, Asus GTX680 2GB.

    On Ultra my FPS are, Min: 28/ Max: 48

    On High with some ultra (My current Setting), Min: 44/ Max: 144

    I have no problem playing this game but i would have expected a higher benchmark. Saying that GTA IV runs around 55FPS and only uses 50% of the video memory. So maybe this is another console came that wasn't fully optimized for PC?
  17. the game is pretty poorly optimized due to the dx11 addons. they really add very little other than radial blur. msaa does kill performance a lot but so does the post processing. turn it down and the fps should rise some.
    ultra settings aint always the best settings to play a game at. far cry 3 is another example. the post proessing in that puts a radial blur on the screen that seriously saps the gfx and lowers overall image quality although in some instances it does make the game look nice but most of the time its a hindrance to actual gameplay.
    so dont be affraid to turn some settings down. your already way above what is available on console and some of the special effects are only there because they can be, not because they add anything.
  18. My specs:
    i5 3570k @ 4.2ghz
    Sapphire 7950 OC @ stock OC overclock
    Kingston Hyper-X 1600 8GB RAM
    Newest 13.3 Catalyst Drivers

    This is on ultra everything maxed out playing at 1900x1200 res 24" monitor. Get the newest beta drivers for you amd guys. Fixes everything
  19. Anonymous said:
    If you are using MSAA turn it off and just use FXAA because MSAA is killing fps here.


    It's the same way with several new games, including Far Cry 3 and Hitman: Absolution - MSAA x2 takes a big hit, and x4 makes it nearly unplayable. And I don't know what devs were thinking by making supersampling the only real AA options in Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider. These games desperately need SMAA options like in Crysis 3.
  20. I got everything maxed. GTX 260, athlon 2 x4 640, 4gb ddr2 corsair xms3. No lag in chinatown missions with crowds....idk maybe im lucky

    some options like DX11 settings I could not turn on though
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