Four Dota 2 copies for one Hitman Absolution copy please

If anyone is interested in Dota 2 copies, I'd gladly appredciate a Hitman Absolution copy in exchange on Steam. :bounce: :D

Dota 2 is a great game, Hitman Absolution is aswell. So this is a great game for great game exchange!
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  1. What do you man by Dota 2 copies? Beta keys? It doesn't work like that...
  2. I have four copies to gift you on steam. I got them through some competition.
  3. Again, "copies"... You don't get copies. You get beta keys and then have to download the whole game. Anyway no thanks. Got my beta key december. Was just wondering what you meant by "copies"...
  4. No its no keys. I gift the game to people i dont give them a key, I give them the digital version of the game.
  5. It doesn't matter how many copies you have to gift someone, any single recipient will only receive a single copy of the game. The multipack licences are really only meant for a group of friends who want to band together buying a game, one buys and then distributes to the rest and only the person who originally bought the game has the ability to gift it.

    Either way, it sounds downright dodgy what you're trying to do.
  6. Valve just gave virtually all of their members between 4 and 6 copies of this game. Why do you think anyone with a Steam account would need Dota at this point?
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