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I know this has been discussed here before but I just can't seem to find it. So, could someone please let me know what temps I should be careful to never exceed on my Tbred B proc. I have a 1800+ and right now I am running at 32C with stock cooling. I am using MBM5 on A7N8X (please let me know if the temps I get are reliable). The temps I get are anywhere between 25C (rarely) and up to 38C (under load of course), usually running at 31-33 idle.

I am installing next week SLK-800 w/ SmartFan 2 & arctic silver 3, and I am going to overclock to 12 x 166 (I am sure that my system is well capable of this, I just run my cpu right now at stock speeds because I am afraid of the temps). Do you know what's the max temp I should reach on my CPU with overclocking, without causing it any damage in the near future? Is it 40C, 45C or 50C?!?!
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  1. Anything upto 50C with stock cooling should be fine. Since u r getting a SLK-800 with the works, once u install it, i believe ur temp wont hit more than 35-38C on overclocking.

    My t-bred A 1800+ when overclocked to ~1900MHz, runs at 53C at full load and thats with a Volcano 6Cu HSF.
  2. those CPUs are rated to 85-90 degrees before they expire but keep it under 50 degrees C for safety, the more U overclock the more U lessen its lifespan (but hey, 10 years down to 5 years is still good)

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  3. Don't let it get over 60-65 C at full CPU load. You can easily take it over 50 C... that is a normal running temp for a lot of CPUs.

    But hey... even if it shows 85 C on the temp probe and everything works fine then just ignore the temp probe. The CPU temp is often very inaccurate.

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  4. That's exactly my main concern. How can I be sure that the temps I am getting are the correct ones? Anyway, I guess there can be no answer to this question so I'll just try various settings and see how the system responds, like you said.

    Just one small thing that makes me worried. Let's suppose that I do damage my CPU (because of overheating), will this also damage my motherboard? I currently have A7N8X Deluxe and I must say that I wouldn't mind having to buy another 1800+ tbred b cpu, but I would mind if I had to buy a new motherboard :) Of course I don't want any of these to happen but just to be sure on how far I can push the limits of my cpu :)
  5. well for starters you can feel the base of your heatsink.
    for a time, i was running CPU Cool, and it told me my temps were about 50C at stock speeds (xp2700 w/slk-800 and 80mm vantec tornado)... i dont think so. i felt the base of the heatsink it was barely warm, definately below 40c.
    different programs will give you different readings, as will your BIOS, also different mobos have different temp sensors.

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  6. The chance that your CPU damages your motherboard because of overheating is very very small... it would have to get insane hot to damage the motherboard too. But before it would reach those insane temps it would have stopped working.

    Anyway what Willamette_Sucks suggested can also be very handy. Just touch your heatsink after it has been running at full load for some time... if it is to hot to touch then you might considder better cooling.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dims when I turn it on :eek:
  7. You cant really be 100% certain the temps reported are the real values, so its better going on stability.

    If it locks up or gets flakey beyond a certain temp you know pretty quick what the max temp is :smile:

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