Black Ops 2 Disconnecting (HELP)

Hey everyone, im having issues with my connection somehow.
everything runs flawlessly and i never disconnect from anything unless im on black ops 2, then about every 20-30min I disconnect from my game and it says "disconnected from black ops servers", But i instantly can connect to the internet again afterwards.
like my internet drops just long enough to get kicked from my game, and then it goes back up. its very frustrating since when it disconnects like that my online game progress is not saved...
someone please help me. thank you

P.s my Skype goes down for about 2 seconds as well.
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  1. Having the same problem myself as well as lost connection to steam server error lost stat progression twice now! I have opened a ticket with Activision support if I hear anything ill be sure to let you know.
  2. ok thanks!
  3. hello,

    i would recommend checking with your with your internet service provider first to ensure that they are not having any kinds of problems with their server then follow any stepes which they give you to fix your internet connection if this doesnt help out with your problem then call up the game manufacturers Activision so that they are able to advise you if they are having any problems with their server then they will need to fix that at their end and also they will fix thier servers as this may be the case why your game is disconnecting this will fix your disconnecting issues
  4. i've checked with my internet provider, everything is good on their end. all my other wireless networks in the house run flawlessly, as do i, as long as im not on black ops...
    its strange, i hope its server sided, ill see if i can get hold of activision.
  5. For all Black Ops 2 related questions go to the official forums It's not a hardware or software problem so we can't help you. They can, the problem has existed since release night and a large patch is coming soon
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