Skyrim (pc) graphic glitches in hearthfire

im running on mostly low settings on skyrim(pc) with hearthfire and i just started building my house and rushed to building my favorite part, the trophy room. But i got this graphic glitch i never even seen before, all objects seem to disappear from view (they are still there tho) briefly if you view certain objects in the trophy room in third person view. (this does not occur on first person)

this glitch only happens on certain angles when i directly look at a object with my crosshair, and the objects will not reappear if i dont move my mouse. Also, after i enter the trophy room and get this glitch every time i enter my house, it will affect the doors in the other rooms, i checked; but the doors in the other rooms does not have this problem if i dont get it in the trophy room first.

im not sure if this is exclusive to only the trophy room, cuz tahts the only room i have built and partly furnished. And i dont get this glitch anywhere else except in a built house.

here is a youtube video i uploaded of the graphic glitch:

oh, and while im here, heres another glitch: i also tend to get delayed responses from the game sometimes as another occasional glitch. Like, if i buy some items from a store, the items wont be added right away, and then i walk away and after a while, it says gold removed and item added on the left corner after a long delay. its also like this in activating certain objects and in events like if you killed a dragon and are absorbing it's soul, the game just seems to take a long time to respond for some reason.

i usually try to just wait this glitch out until the game catches up, and it doesnt always happen, but its annoying when it does.

pls help if you can, and thanks.
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  1. All right. Just post your graphic settings please. All the details.
  2. Labrynthian said:
    All right. Just post your graphic settings please. All the details.
  3. For the delayed stuff, you on a quad core? Try setting Skyrim to use two in task manager.
  4. I meant game settings... anyway that helps too :)
  5. Labrynthian said:
    I meant game settings... anyway that helps too :)

    what do you mean game settings? like the settings when you press esc in-game?

    Anonymous said:
    For the delayed stuff, you on a quad core? Try setting Skyrim to use two in task manager.

    do you mean set it to use only core #2? cuz all programs use both cores by default in the task manager (i only have 2 cpu in set affinity)
  6. I think Skyrim graphic settings is done before the game starts, I can't remember. But yea, I mean the video/graphic settings of the game.
  7. can you tell me how to find the settings then? cuz the screens i posted before were from the "options" button below the play button on the little pop up of skyrim that opens up before you play (if you dont launch the game directly).

    i dont know how to find any other graphic settings
  8. When you start up the game there should be a menu that pops up. Check the video/graphic settings in that menu. If i remember right, that's where you set it to low, medium, high or ultra... and sort out the antialiasing and occlusion stuff. In game video settings is like brightness and so on. Check them all and let me know. Sorry mate, it's been a year since I've played it, I can't remember the layout of the settings off hand :(
  9. the bottom section of the first screenshot i posted has that (its the skyrim options, and i got the advanced tabs open too in the other parts of the screen):

    here is in-game settings for display:
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    Ah. Ok nice. Good job on posting the settings :)
    Basically from going by your video and your settings in the first link, I see that your Intel HD graphics has only 1.5GB VRAM, which is the memory of your graphics card. It's not a great card and skyrim is a game that needs a better than average card. Keep in mind I mentioned earlier that the game has a lot of glitches. That said, it still looks like the game is trying to compensate for your low level graphics card. You're going to need to up your graphics card. Also, look for patches online. I remember I downloaded a few relating to the story. I'm sure there are patches related to visual glitches. Just take a look and see if you can't find a patch for it. You're playing everything else in low, which is also why this can occur. I really do think if you just upgrade your GPU you'll be fine. :)
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  12. In looking at your posted in game options it is most likely that as you pan out you are getting further away from the objects than the object fade out distance so the things are not rendered (your setting is almost at the minimum and you are getting further away by moving up toward the ceiling.)

    To test move the slider for object fade to the right and see if it still happens !
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