Which headset? (Corsair 1300/1500 vs SteelSeries Siberia V2)


Which headset do you think I should get? The Corsair ones are on sale for Black Friday. I am just using the integrated sound card in my H77 motherboard, so would the 3.5MM sound worse than the USB sound card of the Corsair Vengeance 1500?

Vengeance 1500:

Vengeance 1300:

Siberia V2:

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    Hey, can't comment on others, but the 1500's are GREAT! Had the Turtle Beach PX21's before (didn't like the suuuuper long cable which also weighed a ton and the massive amp/volume control was too close to phones on cable) so got the 1500's. They have been awesome! The surround sound is pretty sweet too. Gives extra dimension. Have had them on for over 3hours and didn't even notice them. The mic is very good too. Mates say the quality their side is high and it doesn't need to be on top of your mouth (the TB PX21 were terrible that way).

    Well, hope this helps you!

  2. Kind of too late, but I did get the 1500's. I ordered them a few days after I posted that.

    Thanks for the reassurance though. :D
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