Having a VERY difficult time with video stuttering...

I recently built this computer I am on (2 months old) and I want to love it. It runs very good framerates with very high settings, and it looks absolutely beautiful. I have a problem I have been trying to figure out for months though, to no avail. When I play with M/KB, the video kind of stutters or jerks around, but fraps and EVGA Precision are showing me still at a solid 60 frames. It is so unsightly I cannot even play. When I move with the keyboard, it does not happen, only when I look with the mouse. If I use a 360 controller, it is smooth as butter.

Games I have been playing:
-Fallout games
-Arma II
-Battlefield 3
-Borderlands 2
-Dishonored (I DO NOT get the problem on only this game?)
-Left 4 Dead 1&2
-Portal 1&2
-Deus Ex:HR

The problem is noticeably worse on first-person games.

I have tried:
-Several different mouses and mouse surfaces
-Removing mouse drivers, reinstalling, etc.
-Reducing prerendered frames
-Removing VSync/Triple Buffering
-Unchecking Enhanced Pointer in the control panel, and messing with the sensitivity in there, as well as the product config for the mouse if available
-Adding and removing acceleration
-Lowering video settings and resolution
-Plugging mouse into different ports
-More... can't remember all I have tried there are so many "fixes".

Currently I am using a 2012 Razer Mamba (plugged in, not wireless).

Nothing I do can get rid of this problem I am having, and what good is a gaming PC if you can't play with M/KB? This is super frustrating and frankly, I am crushed. I worked really hard to save up the cash for my first real rig and I really want to enjoy it. I am reaching out here because it seems to be a community full of very savvy PC enthusiasts, I pray one of you may be able to help!

-i5 3570K
-660 Ti
-Gigabyte Z77-DS3H
-8GB Corsair Vengeance D3 1600
-128GB OCZ Vertex SSD
-1TB Corsair HDD
-Samsung E2420 60hz monitor 1080p
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  1. Motherboard Drivers?
  2. babernet_1 said:
    Motherboard Drivers?

    How would I go about doing this? Have not tried that...
  3. babernet_1 said:
    Motherboard Drivers?

    Okay, I found where to do it, should I do all the driver updates? ex. audio, SATA, USB, LAN, VGA?
  4. MakeThemListen said:
    Okay, I found where to do it, should I do all the driver updates? ex. audio, SATA, USB, LAN, VGA?

    Just update them all while you're at it.
  5. Could be your hard drive. Never heard of corsair doing them but it might be under heavy stress.
  6. Hmmm. Mobo drivers didn't do the trick. Also it doesn't matter if I run a game off my SSD or HDD, I still have the problem.
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