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Dear Sir:
I hope you will be fine there. My Pc is P4. I can use 1Gb Ram, 80Gb Hard, 2.6 Processor. I can use two windows such as window Xp and window7. In window Xp can't Play games and can't asses to USB driver from cd.
In window7 I can't Play games and can't Install the USB and VGA Drivers from CD.I can't increase the resolation which is 680*some thing. I Forget the my Board no.

Please Help me.
With Great Thanks.
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  1. For XP, you will need to install the drivers from the CD that came with your motherboard and graphics card.

    Win7 normally picks up a great deal of hardware, but again you will need to visit manufacturer for latest drivers, but based on your pc specs, you pc may not be able to get these, your better off sticking to XP.
  2. I agree you should be using Win XP with those specs and not Win 7.

    Sounds like your resolution is set to 680 because your graphics driver is missing. I agree look up the model of your PC on the manufacturer's website if it was a custom built one then you'll have to look at each of the components(video card etc) separately. Most of the drivers, USB included will be part of the motherboard driver set(chipset drivers). If you can find the model number on there you can get online and get a good chunk further.
  3. Since you're not sure what drivers you need it sounds like the best thing you need to do is to just download a program that detects the needed drivers for you and downloads/installs them. The best one that I know of is DriverAgent. It's free, fast and reliable.

    Good luck getting things running smoothly.
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