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So I know there are a million mouse threads, but I have a few mice in mind and want to know everyone's opinions on them.

I currently own a Logitech MX518 and love it. I've been using it for like 5-6 years I think and it's showing its age. I will keep it around for one of my computers but want to get a new one for my gaming pc. I play mostly FPS like Counter-Strike Source / GO and some D3 as well.

I have narrowed my search down to the following (I want one with ergonomic grip like the MX518 - yes I know the G400 is similar, but I'm looking for something new - unless you don't think I'd like any of the following mice)

Mionix Naos 5000 Laser Gaming Mouse

CM Storm Inferno - Gaming Mouse


Corsair Vengeance M60

and the Razer Deathadder 2013

I've heard some bad things about Razer mice, but lots of recommendations for the deathadder.

[EDIT] I also like the look of the steelseries Ikari laser mouse, but it seems to be discontinued.

Then there's the Logitech G9X (I am a palm gripper so I don't know if this would be fit for me?)
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  1. Personally, I would go for the deathadder especially if you play FPS games. I have the older version but I really like it and have never had any troubles with it.
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    death adder was a good mouse. the 1 you have is actually a better mouse than the current 1. not every step forward is a good 1 and the newer sensor in the death adder isnt as accurate or robust as the old 1. in that the newer sensor has a negative acceleration issue like most of the new razor mice. it also has build quality issues.
    currently some of the best built and accurate mice are coming from established hardware vendors like coolermaster and corsair. ther cm and vengance mice are very good quality and they dont have dozens of options of basically the same mouse with different firmwares. they both put razor in there sights and aimed directly for a head shot on 1 of there snakes. and boy did they make a mess when there shots hit home.
    razor for its part limped off reduces quality and starts an add camapaign which helped in the short term to keep there profits up but when people realised there build quality was suffering there name took a hammering.
    both corsair and coolermaster have much better gaming grade products and not just in the mice. there mechanical keyboards are better designed and more functional. you get upto 6 key roll over on razer blackwidows and an decustomised wasd layout that compromises the rest of the keys on the keyboard. while both razer and corsair decided they didnt need such a thing and gave full or high key roll over (meaning more keys can be pressed at 1s and they will all register) the end result is the none razer keyboards turned out to be much more balanced and usable.
    razor used to be top dog now there not even in the top 5 they do offer the occasional good product (sadly they missed the ball completely with there mechanical keyboards) but soon after release they start reducing quality control to increase profits so if you dont get a first gen product your likely to be buying junk. currently there isnt a razor mouse i would say is a great mouse. they do have some goodish 1s but nothing outstanding.
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