How much can i o/c my 1700+

The setup is:
1700+ T-Bred (i'm sure it'll be B)
2*256 PC2700 Micron (already have)
Some generic PSU, (has never troubled me)
Now the thing i wanted to know is, how much i'll get out of it while using the stock HSF,.i'm mainly interested in 166FSB, so that i can synch my ram with,i've got two fans in the casing too. or will i have to get a better HSF
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  1. I'll answer your question by another question... How much can YOU o/c your Tbred 1700+? There are so many variables involved with OC'ing, that everyone's setup gets a little bit different results. There are databases that give others results, but you'll never know until you actually OC yours. Most people are getting at least 2000 Mhz on their 1700 Tbred B's. I've used the stock HSF before when overclocking and never found it to be my limiting factor. Whenever I got too hot I'd just add more coolin (house fan, blower, whatever I could find). Some people will not like this approach, but I've never kept my CPU at maximum stable OC anyway. I keep it a what its stable at with reasonble cooling (stock heat sink/fan).

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  2. I think 166Mhz FSB would be reachable if your case is vetilated well enough and your PSU can handle the extra load.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dims when I turn it on :eek:
  3. just to give u an idea, i have mine overclocked to 2137MHz an equivalent to 2700+ on air cooling with a Volcano 6Cu at 3200 rpm and the temperature is 41C at idle and 53C at full load,and oh, btw, i keep my case open

    :eek: Ever would u reset ur brain back to normal/default if u could ever overclock :cool: it???
  4. Thanx to all of u, i've got the idea
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