How do you O.C the Radeon 9700 pro?

I wanted to know the registry hack and an application that woudl allow me to Overclock my Radeon. Please let me know what the max MHZ for the GPU and DDR would be? I would really appreciate it.
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  1. I just use radeonator, i have an oem card that wont go above 337/337 speeds without modifying voltages and extreme cooling but good cards with faster memory can go upto 380mhz cpu and 350 (700) mem without serious modding. If your a modder though, i suppose 400-500mhz cpu and 800mhz memory isnt impossible!
  2. I have a Giga-Byte 9700 Pro and so far the max stable settings i can get are 350 Mhz core and 345 Mhz Memory. I got the memory up to 360 but with serious artifacting. I might be able to get it up to 350 but havent tried yet. I am still kinda scared to push up the core more. I plan to get water cooling in a few months so hopefully it can be pushed up more.

    For the overclocking I used Powerstrip.
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