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Saints row the third won't startup

Hello, I have a new computer and whenever I go to play SR3, I click the Directx11 then watch/skip the intro video and then straight after I hear a click, My monitor temporarily turns off, Another click, Its turns back on and it's on the desktop saying Saints Row the third has stopped working. And I can't play.

And no its not my system not handling it:

Cpu: Intel Core i7 3770k
Gpu: 2x EVGA geforce GTX 670 4gb SC
Mobo: Sabertooth z77
PSU: seasonic 760w Gold+
Ram: 2x8gb
Case: Haf X
Storage: 1TB WD Caviar black HDD
1TB exteral HDD
256gb Samsung 830 SSD
Monitor: Asus VG278H
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    Does your game crash on load, freeze after launch, or right before the menu shows? There are several remedies you can try then.
    – Set the compatibility mode to the game to “Windows XP”
    – Run the game directly instead of using the generated shortcut
    – Check your game cache / revalidate it to ensure you have okay files
    – Run the game in DirectX 9 mode
    – If you use multiple monitors, then disable one of them
    – Exit any program that could mess with the game
    – Run the game in a different, more common resolution
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