BF3 vs MoH Warfighter vs BlackOps2

so i got enough money for 1 of these wich do you guys recomend the most? :D
I hear Warfighter is a real eyegasm :))
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  1. Buy warfighter for soldier's experience it's better game For you But Black Ops 2 is equally better game but this time (Black ops 2) is not working with all pc i mean you have to do all worst thing to play this game but its Great game
  2. depends if you want team play then bf3. if you want to be ripped off then bf3 and blops 2 if you want to stop playing in 3 months because the community withered to nothing then MOH...
    of all of them bf3 is probably the best game but it does have some major flaws.
  3. Battlefield 3 and MoHW both run on Frostbite 2 so they will have very similar graphics, MoH seems extremely un-popular and has gotten terrible reviews, though I haven't played it personally, I don't plan on it. Battlefield 3 is one of my favorite shooters I've ever played thought like HEXiT says, it does certainly have some flaws... Cough cough gunplay... As for Black Ops 2, I love it as well, COD4 was my fav until Blops2 was released. hated MW3, didn't play MW2 or WaW alot and loved blops1 (if that gives u something to relate to). Black Ops 2 is still the same old run and gun/ spray and pray cod style though (but I love it) while Bf3 takes real tactics and teamwork.
  4. i've played some MW2 in the past, never tryed BF3, how is BF3 team dependent? i mean i haven't played it at all im not that familiar with the mechanics, i mean yea sure its an FPS click point Kill, but can you guys make a side by side to Bo2? since that game is a bit more familiar to me
  5. You ditch all them and go for even more realistic experience with arma 2 it was £12 pound on steam the other day plus you can add a mod called dayz with is like a zombie survival mmo.
  6. Well in Battlefield 3 the maps are huuge they range between 3 and 5 square miles I think vs Blops2 typical cod tdm sized small maps. Also it's 64 person servers in bf3 vs 10(?) in blops2. So in blops2 every other corner you turn there's a guy with an smg to kill you vs in bf3 you have to legit walk for several minutes depending on spawn (btw you choose ur spawn) before you even see one person. Becuase of this you almost always have to use vehicles for transportation unless you are a very long range sniper. Also bf3 the main defacto game type isn't tdm it's conquest which is kinda like a MASSIVE version of domination. So if you don't work as a team to coordinate vehicle usage, transportation, and air support and infantry to attack a flag, you're most likely not gonna capture it, as there always tanks defending.

    It's a bit hard to describe exactly why you have to use teamwork, but that's my best shot ^^^. Blops2 you can play completely lone wolf almost like it's FFA and still get a ton of kills, bf3 if you try that prepare to just get raped by tanks and snipers.
  7. Of the 3 BF3 is the most advanced game, and the most rewarding game. It also has issues with aggressive DLC.

    Black Ops 2 on the other hand has zero technical innovation over the other games in the Modern Warfare series, and Medal of Honor was so bad that even IGN of all people gave it a 4.5 and called it reprehensible and derivative.
  8. so its now BF3 or Bo2. The choice on my part will have to come down to either teamwork or lonewolf style . Having played a lot of MW2 back in the day, its hard for me to grasp a teamwork fps xD
  9. BF3 Premium Edition 25 to 30 dollars 64 player battles 5 DLC Packs 3 already available. BLOPS2 50 or 60 dollars just released more of the same... no brainer BF3
  10. Vlad ProDAN said:
    so its now BF3 or Bo2. The choice on my part will have to come down to either teamwork or lonewolf style . Having played a lot of MW2 back in the day, its hard for me to grasp a teamwork fps xD

    BF3 has FFA and Team deathmatch modes as well which are essentially the same as what you do in MW2. BF3 is just technically a better and more advanced game, and it's also cheaper so there isn't much to think about unless you just plainly prefer the MW series because of brand loyalty or friends who play it.
  11. OK then BF3 IT IS! thnx for the help
  12. I agree that the deal for bf3 premium with all the dlcs is definitely a no brainer as it is a much better game than any COD.

    And I wish I could say I agree with you casualcolors about the TDM and FFA being essentially the same as they are in COD, they just aren't IMO. The crappy gunplay and animations in bf3 makes it very hard for tdm to flow anywhere near half as smooth as on CODs engine. Just my opinion though.

    EDIT: whoops, got your answer already lol. Hope you have fun with it.
    P.S. I highly recommend Premium, the dlcs are awesome and you get them all free and weeks before everyone else.
  13. moh warfighter is best game
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