ECS Elitegroup K7S5A with XP1700+???

I have an ECS Elitegroup K7S5A mobo.
Currently i am running an 1400 mhz athlon @ 266 on it.
I am looking for somethin faster like a XP2400+.
I read the results people have with an 1700+ and it was quite intresting...

Can you tell me how far i can go with this mobo and a 1700+ or a 2100+ with the correct stepping and what would be the best buy? (probably the 1700+ but il will heve to unlock it i heard, the 2100 doesn't?)
What stepping is the absolute best? the most expensive? (
Also please tell me how to overclock this baby (like how to unlock cpu and mobo and what voltages would be preferred...)
2 modules of 512 PC2700 DDR333 installed and i hope to keep them.
Thermaltake Dragon Orb 3 @ 7400 RPM and 38 CFM.
Standard 320W PSU
Geforce 2 GTS not playing games so it still is enough (maybe overclockin' this one too later...)

Please help me out on this or refer to earlyer posts on an item lite this.


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  1. Overclocking the K7S5A is not really simple... you need to download a special tweaked BIOS to be able to change the FSB and/or multiplier.

    Also I'm not so sure your chipset can handle FSBs up to 166Mhz... but you can always try.

    The best stepping you can get is the AIUHB followed by the JIUHB. And yes the XP1700+ needs to be unlocked to reach the higher multipliers.

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  2. Ok so that is nog gonna do much... I never considered overclocking when i buyed it. I'd be better off with an ordinary xp2400+ or XP2600+ then???
    I heard my mobo maxes out at 2600 but I dont know if that is 2600 Mhz or an XP2600+ (2130Mhz). Can you tell me?

    If I replace the mobo, what mobo would you guys (and probably some gals too) advise me for an optimal performance?
    Would that be with a XP1700+ or a XP2100+? (Considering I have never done any overclocking before exept on my old P1 from 133-->180Mhz and have never done anything like closing bridges...)


  3. Well since you already have 2 512MB mem modules, I would say get a ABIT NF7-S ($125.00 from and use your current 1700+ and see what it will o/c too. Be careful doing the overclocking, make sure you watch your temps. If you hit 50C under full load then you should stop there and wait til you can get a better cooling solution (case fans, cpu Heatsink and Fan, ETC.) before going any further. If you really want a new cpu, then get that mobo and a 2200 (about $70) - 2600+ ($153) depending on what you can afford at that point.

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  4. Doesnt that motherboard let you run at 100/133/166 FSB?

    a 1700+ JIUHB should run at 166 FSB (giving you a 2250+ XP), as will your memory. I cant vouch for your motherboard though.

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  5. The NF7 looks pretty hot to me...

    This is what i read on: ( )
    : The NF7 is able to unlock the multiplier of the processor without any kind of hardware modifications,
    if i buy the mobo and a new processor can i run my memory on higher speeds than what it is made for? Probably yes but i would like some confirmation.
    It is 2 x 512 PC2700 333 NANYA cas 2.5 memory.

    Does this include the XP1700+??? dos it bypass the bridge stuff???

    The mobo can only do 100/133... I didn't know that before the 1st reply...
    Thnx anyway


  6. I think the NF7 only unlocks T-bred cores (like most nForce2 motherboards do). And yes you will be able to run your memory at higher speeds then default with that board.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dims when I turn it on :eek:
  7. Thanks Svol,

    I meant the downgraded T-breds like the XP1700+ from a 2400 or something like that.
    So i don't have to use the silver stuff to close the L-bridges on a mobo like that.. nice... looks like I am going to gert me one... I read a review and it came out best...

    But is my CAS (or CL2,5 - what was it?) 2,5 memory good enough to endure higer speeds??? I heard I needed lower memory like Cas 2.0???


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  8. Well the downgraded XP1700+ are factory unlocked for every multiplier of 12.5x and below... I'm not sure if they are unlocked by nForce2 boards to the higher multipliers but otherwise you only need to open one single bridge to unlock the higher ones. But they are very good OC'ers for sure.

    As for your memory... ofcourse you know that CAS 2.5 will be always slower then CAS 2. Now when overclocking the memory in some cases the memory (factory CAS 2) can't run at the higher speed at CAS 2, but can handle the higher speed with a CAS latency of 2.5. So you wont get very high speed out of your memory but if Nanya makes decent memory you should be able to reach atleast 170-175 MHz with an increased Vdimm (memory voltage).

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  9. yeah the abit nf7s v2 unlocks the multipliers of tbred athlons for you. no silver paint + magnifying glasses needed ;)

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  10. OK!

    The choice is made! The XP1700+ it is!

    But now:

    If i buy the ABIT nforce mobo, what stepping for the CPU is the best?
    These were the 2 I found on Excalibur PC. (I know they dont deliver outside USA but my dad has buisiness contacts who travel to holland often. I am gonna yse them as delivery boys ;) )

    AMD Athlon XP1700+ 1.47GHZ 384K 266 Tbred (TRAY)(JIUHB:0310WPMW) $72.00


    AMD Athlon XP1700+ 1.47GHZ 384K 266 Tbred (TRAY)(JIUHB:0310XPMW) $72.00

    The price is the same but what is the difference?

    I know from:

    what the M means and i am not too pleased with that...
    Do you know where to get better ones or am I asking too much (unimportant) details and should I settle for these ones? (I think I know the answer to that already...)

    Also: Do i need a new PSU? I have 320 W installed.. is that enough? I hope so... I am just a poor student... :(


  11. um, not sure about the details you've got there mate.
    what you want is a JIUHB DLT3C. not a DUT3C. (but i would settle for a DUT3C if need be).
    If your supplier is cool, they should tell you what steppign they are supplying. If not get a chip from <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. I'll mail it to you at cost.

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  12. Hmm...
    Lets transfer this post to a new one. It has nothing to do with a ECS Elitegroup mobo now...
    I'll make a new one and let this post die a little...

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