CS:GO and GTA 4 with these specs?

• AMD FX 4100 3.6GHz Quad Core 12MB Processor AM3+ 95W CPU
• 8 gig RAM
• Radeon HD7770 PCI-E 1GB DDR5

Would this able to run it at its highest or near the highest settings? I've ordered the computer so I'm just wondering if it will be able to run it at good settings. And please don't ask me to purchase a different CPU, GPU etc. This is what I've purchased and I'm not looking to modify anything.

Thanks for helping :)
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  1. I don't know about CS:GO but you won't be able to play GTA IV at more than medium settings.
    You PC isn't really high end so don't expect to play games at their highest settings.
  2. are you joking? my specs are beyond the recommended settings and I've youtube my specs and people have played it on HQ. I was just posting here to confirm.
  3. You will easily max out CS: GO.

    Though, Kamen is right about GTA 4: that thing depends on your CPU too much and is very unoptimized. The fact that FX 4100 is a weak CPU doesn't help. Overclocking might help, but you will not be able to play at higher than medium-high settings if you want 60 fps.

    P. S. People film gameplay on youtube and upload it as 'playable', even though they are getting 25 fps. That's not what you want, really.
  4. I hear alot about "FPS" but the bottom line is, in those videos, the gameplay looks great, and I don't see what would be different if its 25 or 40. Aware me?
  5. FPS = frames per second. Thing is, you cannot really tell how smooth the gameplay is just at looking at the video. However, you can easily sense it due to not smooth mouse and keyboard controls. Also, check this:

  6. 40 fps is fine. Just get a d3d9.dll fps limiter, and you should be fine.

    There are some very unoptimized games for PC, as they are console ports.
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