How fast are you??

Ok, this is for fun, at least for the non-pro gamers here
The average human response time is apparently 0.22s,
take as long as you like to get your best score then post a screenie :)

I'd like to think thats a good result for a non-twitcher :)
Oh, and I'd like to be the first to say,
'Boom, Headshot!'

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  1. 0.44 on my laptop, very consistent, but I guess that explains my Bf3 performance, will try on desktop to see if the mouse makes a difference.
  2. Screenie or it didn't happen :)
  3. I don't want 0.44 to have happened either, screenie from desktop, no clickyness to the mouse pad.
  4. 0.2702
  5. 0.2514 .. now 0.1854
  6. 0.2534 any tips on getting faster times
  7. 0.203s :)


    it's after mid-day saturaday. i may have been drinking.
  9. 3rd time:

    7th time:

    I found that staring in the middle of the screen without focusing is better than focusing on the sheep, though it made me mis-click a gajillion times.

    I also question the average time on the 7th attempt picshure. THAT is not 0.1668 average! THAT IS 0.1667 average!
  10. thunderheck said:
    0.2534 any tips on getting faster times

    Defocus your eyes, relax and open your mind to the living force young padawan :)
    Oh, and probably practice helps but it is just for fun, I'm looking forward to the first poster who is a coked up cheetah :)
  11. first time i did it i got a rocketing rabbit the second time i was slower and got the bobbing bobcat.
  12. Well, i woke up in the morning and tried this so.......

    I got average of 0.1766 after 4 times.

    Should've tried after Coffee......
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