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How fast are you??

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November 24, 2012 8:43:06 AM

Ok, this is for fun, at least for the non-pro gamers here
The average human response time is apparently 0.22s,
take as long as you like to get your best score then post a screenie :)

I'd like to think thats a good result for a non-twitcher :) 
Oh, and I'd like to be the first to say,
'Boom, Headshot!'


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November 24, 2012 9:54:33 AM

0.44 on my laptop, very consistent, but I guess that explains my Bf3 performance, will try on desktop to see if the mouse makes a difference.
November 24, 2012 9:58:38 AM

Screenie or it didn't happen :) 
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November 24, 2012 10:09:04 AM

I don't want 0.44 to have happened either, screenie from desktop, no clickyness to the mouse pad.
November 24, 2012 11:10:00 AM

November 24, 2012 11:10:54 AM

0.2514 .. now 0.1854
November 24, 2012 11:12:21 AM

0.2534 any tips on getting faster times
November 24, 2012 12:48:09 PM

0.203s :) 

November 24, 2012 1:02:29 PM

3rd time:

7th time:

I found that staring in the middle of the screen without focusing is better than focusing on the sheep, though it made me mis-click a gajillion times.

I also question the average time on the 7th attempt picshure. THAT is not 0.1668 average! THAT IS 0.1667 average!
November 24, 2012 1:12:03 PM

thunderheck said:
0.2534 any tips on getting faster times

Defocus your eyes, relax and open your mind to the living force young padawan :) 
Oh, and probably practice helps but it is just for fun, I'm looking forward to the first poster who is a coked up cheetah :) 
November 24, 2012 2:24:57 PM

first time i did it i got a rocketing rabbit the second time i was slower and got the bobbing bobcat.
November 24, 2012 3:32:20 PM

November 24, 2012 11:54:43 PM

Well, i woke up in the morning and tried this so.......

I got average of 0.1766 after 4 times.

Should've tried after Coffee......