Should I sell my wii? And Dolphin Emulator Questions...

Hello, I am thinking about selling my wii but, I would like some input from other people helping me out.

I think probably the one of the reasons why I am thinking about selling my Wii Is that I can use the money I get to save to get the parts for the computer I am building.

Do you think these specs could handle the Dolphin Emulator at 1080p resolution?
Intel Core i5 3750k @ Stock speeds (I might OC eventually)
Galaxy GTX 670 2GB
16GB G.Skill Ares RAM
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  1. I'm gonna go with a 'YES' there, I don't think you'll have any issues with that spec
  2. i have tried the emulator with my set up (see signature) and it ran the games i had well enough at high resolution's, some games do have issues but that is expected with an emulator, but one of the best emulators i have used in a while since PCSX2.

    im guessing bet results are with an actuall wiimote with sensor bar, haha, was using a xbox controller for most of it and have to keymap the motion of tilting and shaking to buttons which is very hard to do while playing something like new super mario bros.
  3. Your computer will handle Dolphin fine at 1080p resolution, the issues you'll run into will by and large be overcome by tweaking the settings in the Dolphin emulator. You will definitely need to OC your CPU however, just a heads up. Look for about 4.5ghz+
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