Batman AC...Audio Stuttering

The game runs very fine 40-60 fps ...but while loading the cutscenes or Nvidia logo ...the video(a bit) as well as Audio (lot of ) stutters ... and makes the game-play horrible
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  1. What about your specs?
  2. Gt 630
    Pentium D 925 3.0 GHZ
  3. Ram? Os? direct x what about them
  4. 2 GB
    WindowsVista 32 Bit
    Dxdiag shows DX11
  5. Make sure you have the latest patch for the game. The stuttering in the video was a major issue when the game came out if you ran the game in DirectX 11 mode.

    Failing that, turn off DirectX 11, your system isn't powerful enough to use the DX11 features anyway.
  6. The same copy of the game works fine in another system with no audio stuttering ... with the folowing specs
    GT 620
    Pentium Dual Core
  7. i know my cpu is not at all powerfull..... but yet y is it running like this?
  8. Patched the game?
  9. i dont think there is a need to patch the game if it works perfectly on another system
  10. I agree with the posts above. Batman AC hogs processing power, you'll need an Intel i3 or i5 to run this game well, with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. It's not the graphic card that's causing the problem.
  11. Btw,the game developers release patches to solve these problems.I still think that patching the game should help.That is why,I stick with what I wrote earlier.:)
  12. okz!! but i cant find a patch related to my problem..
  13. bump!!~
  14. GFWL should automatically download title updates.If you are having problems,

    Hope this helps.:)
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