any everquest players?

I have a 65 rog with 200+ aa and in a guild on venril sathir with potime clearances from 2 months ago....

anyone else besides me? lvl/server/class etc?
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  1. And the point of this thread is what?

    I played a 65 DE necromancer on Morell Thule until I quit finally in March. Still having withdrawl.
  2. Uhm guess what the point could be....To see how many people from thg forums play eq? thought so.
  3. 59 GN wizard and 35 IK necro on mith marr.
    I havent played in months, lost interest with college starting up again and waiting for WoW.

    Been playing some AC2 lately but Im not attracted to it much either anymore.

    eden is my intel/ati superboy
  4. I played AC 2, I find AC 1 alot more fun.

    the Prisoner

    I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad:
  5. I was in AC2 beta for a while. It seemed at the time to be all glitz and no gameplay. Fun to look at, but zero longevity.
  6. I'm waiting for WoW myself as well. No EQ2 no more :)...100 levels? Hah no way :)...Anyone tried Horizons btw?
  7. The monthly "pay-to-play" games have never been my type.

    My OS features preemptive multitasking, a fully interactive command line, & support for 640K of RAM!
  8. I have a 58 War, 49 Wiz, and 52 Shaman on Saryrn.

    About 6 months ago I sold my 65 Bard for $435. I rarely play anymore. I logged in to check out the new dungeons last week, played for about 3 hours and haven't gone back since. I think I'm burned out on MMORPGS. Lately when I feel like gaming I go pick up a used Xbox game for around $20 or so.
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