Can I run Crysis 2/ Saints Row 3?

I have (it's a laptop):
AMD A6 - 3420M APU - Clocked at 1.5 Ghz (can overclock to 2.4 though)
Radeon HD 6650M Dedicated - 1Gb
AMD 6520G Integrated - Shared

I'm 64 bit..
Can I run both games on low? I have this issue with my computer on no matter what I do sometime's games won't run on the dedicated, no matter how graphic intensive they are; thus I become a bit apprehensive when buying games.. Will both games run on both GPUs?
BTW - I'm sorry if I got this in the wrong forum/ topic.
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  1. Crysis2 Gameometer SR3 Gameometer,
    run them and it will tell you how your laptop will do
  2. yes they will, but you should try to run dual graphics if possible
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