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Quick question about prime95. I have heard this is one of the best programs to test cpu stbility, but I'm not sure what is meant by prime95 stable. What should I be looking for? Sometimes, prime95 will stop and say an error has occured and wait 5 minutes to restart. Does this mean it is not stable? Or do you mean it will actually crash the program? Thanks.

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  1. if you read the prime95 documentation you would know... error in the result ALWAYS means problems in the computer, but it can be the overclocked cpu, the overclocked memory or a real hardware problem not related to overclock. Error in the program itself can also mean problems related to overclock or it can just be another windows bug...
  2. Usually people associate a time period with Prime95. For example my system is 6hrs Prime95 stable. Diff ppl settle for different amts of time... HardOCP runs them for like 24 hrs though or something

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