Problem when playing Max Payne 3

Hey, i just bought the Max Payne 3 Complete edition, and when i finished the download of the game, i clicked on Play, then a window poped up and said "Preparing to play Max Payne 3" as ussually, then it said "Step 1/3 Installing DirectX for Windows" everythings ok so far, then it said Step 2/3 and another window poped up and it said "external installer stopped working" i ignored that, and when the game tries to initiate, the "Max Payne 3 stopped working" pops up..
Any help? I downloaded it on steam.
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  1. What version of DirectX do you have? Is it up to date?
  2. What os do you have????Generally,Windows 7 SP1 is needed for max payne 3
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