Black Ops 2 Crashes? How to fix them?

Hello people,
Ok, so here is the problem. I was playing black ops 2 zombies for three hours and it crashed out of nowhere. I was just playing and all of a sudden the screen froze. When I press the power off button on my PC It exits out of the frozen black ops 2 and shuts down normally(right after it closed black ops I saw a message on my screen saying that black ops 2 has stopped responding). I don't think it was a windows problem because my computer shut down normally. I turned my computer back on and I played zombies for a couple more hours and it happened again. Does anyone know if I should be worried about what happened? Is there a way to fix it? Please help? :sweat:

P.S. I reinstalled my antivirus today because it said that it had a critical error. I just wanted to say that just in case. OH yeah one more thing. This problem only happens on black ops 2, as far as I know. If anyone knows the button that you press to close a program. Isn't it windows button+some other button?
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  1. Bro, I am having the same problem, the only fix for it right now, is pressing control alt delete and then closing the program, thankfully in black ops 2 you can join back into your friends game of zombies but you will lose your guns and points...Lets hope they patch it.
  2. Update* Found a temporary fix, play the game in windowed mode by pressing alt+enter
  3. normally that points to a heat issue... check your temps with gpu-z, run it in the background while you play. wait for the crash and see what temps your getting.
  4. I have a hard time believing its a heat issue because black ops runs at 40-50 Celsius and it freezes. I play planetside 2 at around 60-65 Celsius with the fan at 70% and it never crashed.
  5. Anyone still able to help? It's still happening.
  6. maybe it's your psu? or have you tried any heavy games to test it?
  7. same it happens to me as well i have 550 ti this is really annoying
    whenever im on round like 28 on tranzit it just crashes but i hear the sounds in the background
    if any one has a solution please tell us who have this problem
  8. Bump! But im just wondering
    I have the same problem along with thousands of others,.
    Treyarch really need to solve this.
  9. I have this same problem and it happens to me every time at the power station without fail. Very very annoying and makes me not want to go to power station.
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