Screen flashes colors then computer restarts..

Okay while playing games on my computer like Dragon Age: Origins or WoW my computer screen will begin to shake and flash different colors until is stays a solid color for about a minute then my computer will reboot automatically with out any fore warning. This has been know to happen at any time while playing a game for 1 minute after loading it to 2 hours into the game. but not browsing the web for any amount of time. I have the exact same build for my computer as one of my friends and he doesn't experience any of these problems.

The Computer is an ASUS
Model CM1730/CM1830
x64-based PC
AMD Athlon II X2 220 Processor 2800 Mhz 2 cores
AMD Radeon HD 6670 Video Card

ill provide more information just let me know what you'd like to know.. any help would be appreciated. Side note its been doing this for a few months now and i have a feeling it may be the Video Card but i'm not to sure.. I was not big on computer gaming until recently. Thanks again
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  1. Any BOSD???Check your cpu and gpu temps using coretemp tool.If it rises above 70degress at maximum load then,check your fan speeds and casing airflow.If temps are normal then clean your vga card slot and vga card using a vacuum cleaner.
  2. No there's no blue screen of death but ill check all that when I get out of work and post an update as soon as possible
  3. Temperatures are running at normal, like I said there's no blue screen of death
  4. Have you tried reinstalling your OS??
  5. No I have but last night I went through the entire computer in removed all the old drivers for the video card and then reinstall them and still it had no affect.
  6. Clean your video card slot and fix the vga card firmly
  7. What psu do you have
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