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hello, I’m in desperate need of help: I was getting lock-ups during Bad co 2 and my XFX 5770 fan was loud. I took the video card out and blew out the dust as well as changed power connectors. When I went to reboot, the BIOS in the ASUS P55d stated I changed the CPU and was loading defaults. The system started fine so I thought nothing of it. Still had problems with Bad CO 2 so I contacted XFX support. They suggested several steps including MEMORY test. I ran the windows 7 memory test extended overnight. When I went to get on to the computer, it would not boot. I ran the windows repair several times and tried earlier restore points all to no avail. I went through the BIOS and saw the hard drive was under IDE mode --I had originally set it to AHCI. I set it back --still no boot. Further investigating showed that the drive letters were all different. C: was empty and Windows was on E. Is this problem? If so how do fix please?

i5 750
4 gig 1600
ASUS p55d
Windows 7 64 bit
XFX 5770.

Thank you,

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  1. Tell your bios to boot from E:/
  2. mhelm1 said:
    Tell your bios to boot from E:/

    I see no option for that.
  3. Did the repair complete successfully?
    What is the Boot Order?
  4. uronacid said:
    Did the repair complete successfully?
    What is the Boot Order?

    No, the repair did not complete successfully --i tried it from the hard drive and from the Windows install disc.

    The boot order is CD, hard disc, removable drive. i've switched the boot order every way, but no difference.


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    After looking further into this, I regretfully inform you that you may have inadvertently ruined your OS installation by booting into windows while using AHCI.

    Please reference the following article:

    "The choice, of whether you would be using AHCI or IDE, is done prior to installing the operating system on the computer as switching from one to the other after would often lead to the system not working properly if at all. Most operating systems now have patches to address this problem but specific steps needs to be followed prior to switching."

    Can you boot into safe mode? If so, you might be able to edit the registry and save your installtion:

    With regard to your problem with BC2, it is possible that a reinstall of windows will help. So, I don't want to troubleshoot the issue until you've solved the problem with your HDD.
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  7. luckily i had an unused partition. just did a fresh install there and copied the files i need.

    BBC2 is running better also.

    Thank you!
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