City of Steam (Industrial Fantasy Browser-based MMORPG)

(My personal thanks go out to jpishgar, withouth his consent, I wouldn't have started this topic)

Hey all, my name is Ethan and I work for a small game developer, Mechanist Games.

I just wanted to drop by to discuss our new game, answering some questions you may have, and gather some input (we're a really receptive team). Don't worry, I've been warned about not deviating too much, so I'll try to keep it short.

We're working on our debut game, City of Steam. So to those that don’t know what City of Steam is (it’s a bit harder for indies to get widespread recognition), it’s a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG with an industrial fantasy them, light weight enough to play even on older computers. Thanks to powerful Unity 3D and in-house tools, we’ve managed to optimize the game resources (merely few megabytes) without having to sacrifice on the graphics or content.

We may be small, but we're very receptive to player feedback too, and strive to openly discuss the development process. Feel free to drop me a line and I'll respond to any questions you may have!
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  1. Hello everyone, just try to remind you that we'll start Summercrest (CBT2) very soon! If interested, make sure to sign up for our newsletters on the website for Beta key priority; also, keep an eye on our partners (, they might still have some loaded keys left. For those who received a key already, keep it safe and start a new round of adventure in just hours!
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to share you some great updates, so forgive me if this seems a bit spammy:

    First! Autumnwane (CBT3) is around the corner, so be sure to free you schedule on December 14th if you’re interested in joining in.

    Second! City of Steam is coming on Steam Greenlight (see more details here), so please vote for us;

    Third! We just got a new Closed Beta Trailer up and running, so please share the video with your friends and help spread the word out;

    Ok, enough of that before this gets too long, sorry for dropping so much on your guys at once… I’m glad to hear you thoughts on this though, please let me know what you think if any question is crossing your mind!
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