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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good cheap gaming headset for less than $30. I have found these
Plantronics Gamecom 307 - $16

Plantronics Audio 355 - $17

TeknMotion Yapster tm-yb100a - $16

I was wondering what the difference between the 355's and the 307's are, their reliability, and which of the 3 headsets I should choose. I'd prefer to not have any more suggestions as i have narrowed down my search to these 3, but if you believe you have found an amazing deal feel free to suggest, and if so the headset should have 2 3.5mm jacks, thanks.
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    I'd tell you to go for a Plantronics headset as I myself have been using Gamecom 367 for two years now. Plantronics uses cheap plastic though. For gaming go for the Gamecom 307. And since you are willing to pay upto $30 you can also buy Gamecom 380 (

    You cannot get better sound quality at that price point from other brands (excluding Logitech)
  2. Normally good and cheap dont go well togheter.
    I am warning you just so you realize that if you spend very little, your quality will probably be very low compared to even mid price point headsets.

    Personally i am kinda freaky about my sound so i use a separate headphones and mic.

    Id suggest you check the higher quality in a store if they allow it to see the diffrence, and then know not only what model you are most interested on, but also how much you are willing to spend for it.
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