Bo2 or Ac3,HM:AB???

I'm going to buy a new game.Which one of these?? Black ops 2 or Hitman Absolution,Assassin's creed 3??? Any help will be accepted.Thanks Guys ;)
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  1. In order of choice and priority:
    Assassins Creed III
    Hitman Absolution

    Note: I've deliberately not listed Black Ops 2 as I found it sheeeeet to the core!! Pathetic graphics, pathetic gameplay, mechanics, the works!! Definitely the worst CoD title in my books till date!! I, personally, found it a waste of $60!! *facepalm*
  2. You should go with AC3

    Have all the 3 games, I'm enjoying only AC3 to the max.

    Don't even get me talking about COD BO2!!!

    Go with AC3, you wouldn't regret it.
  3. coolermaster_72 said:
    Don't even get me talking about COD BO2!!!

    Temme about it!!!! I mean, what the feeeek WAS that game!!!!! Worst one in the lineup, imo!
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