P4 overclocking to 4.1Ghz???

I've got exactly the same configuration like the one that is used by Tom's Hardware to overclock a P4 to 4.1Ghz.
Here my relevant Specs:
CPU:P4 3.06 with HT
RAM:Corsair DDR 400Mhz passive cooled
Cooling System: Chip-Con Prometeia (-40°C) not -52°C but that shouldn't be the reason.

I wanted to overclock my CPU up to 4.0 Ghz and I took the same values like Tom:
Multiplier: locked at 23
When I boot my system the POST reporter says Boot failed due to CPU overclocking or something like this. Fact is that my display remains black and the PC doesn't boot. The highest frequency I was able to reach was a FSB frequency of 153 Mhz which was 3.52Ghz but I want to get higher! What can I do????? Please help!!! :-(
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  1. well, when they overclocked the 3.06 to ~4GHz, that was part luck, and a little bit larger part luck, heh. If you want to get it higher, all i can say is good luck, and you might just wanna try another production week's CPU (you might not have the exact same cpu)


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  2. How high have you raised core voltage?

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  3. Like Tom have. You can see it in the Video "when the Iceman cometh". It was set to 1.75V.
  4. I thought about this, too but I hope that I can make it anyway. ;-) I don't have another 650$ to get another P4, so I have to make it with the one I have. ;-)
  5. Wasn't the core Tom used hand picked out of a couple of CPUs and the only one of them getting that high... in other words they had the luck to get a CPU that actually can reach that speed while not all can.

    But maybe Fugger can help you... he also OC'ed his P4 to somewhere above 4 GHz with a Prometia system. Try sending him a private message.

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  6. i can think of a lot better things to do with $650 than get a second CPU too, heh


    Heheheh, and you thought I was done</b>
  7. I think they had three P4 and two were able to reach these high Frequencies. I will ask Fugger. Thanks for your help!
  8. I can push any random sample P4 3.06 to 4Ghz. you should expect to run 24/7 somewhere between 3.8 and 3.9Ghz with a standard Prometeia 134A unit.

    I hope you are running the power conditioner with your Prometeia . It plugs into the motherboard ATX power connector and your PSU power plugs into it as well as the 12v 4-wire connector. The reset from the computer case goes to the power conditioner and the blue wire goes to the motherboard reset. the grey wire goes directly to the Prometeia grey wire.

    If you do not have a power conditioner get one from www.xtwerkz.com if you live in the US. You can check other chip-con dealiers for that part. It will repvent power from going to the CPU during the startup process and you will boot much faster.

    Asus has a known problem with the reset being held in for too long. It will not come out of reset once alarm goes off. so once you come down to temp it might be easier to hold in the power button on the front of the PC for a few seconds until it power off and power it back up.

    use all the washers on the evaporator mount to the CPU bracket. there are 6 on each screw plus the spring and rubber O ring.

    I hate to say it but for a better fit take the CPU bracket back apart and turn over the topside mount that bolts down the evaporator head. You should be looking at a metal insert with 6 plastic tabs, 3 on each end holding it together. You need to shim the metal tight with thin pieces of plastic so that when the Prometeia is bolted down the metal clip has no room to lift upwards. This will increase the pressure between CPU and evaporator.

    Quick check list.

    vcore 1.8v
    vmem 2.8v
    FSB 174 1:1 as your memory is being underclocked.
    AGP/PCI 66/33
    Enable Hyperthreading as it will make your CPU run cooler.

    Your machine should boot at 4Ghz If you get no post, give up.

    If you can post and start into windows you are doing good. try more vcore if it fails going into windows.

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  9. Jeti, also do this test for me please.

    Post the prometeia temps (green LED on the Prometeia)at idle with and without HT encabled.

    <b>"Granted I dont own a P4. But I read enough stuff and waste enough time on forums newsgroups IRC and computer news sites that I proberly know more then if I DID own a P4." -vk2amv</b>
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