Which monitor should I buy?

Which monitor should I buy?
I want to get a monitor that supports the 2560x1600 resolution for gaming and I'm not sure which monitor to go for.
I am on quite a low budget so the cheaper the better, but I don't want it to be terrible quality.
Which monitor do you think is the best value for money?

(I will soon be upgrading my graphics card to a gtx 670 will this be good enough to handle games at 2560x1600?)
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  1. Hi :)

    I always tell customers in my computer shops.... if you are gaming there is ONLY one requirement you need in a Monitor... a 2ms response time...

    Plus ...for that resolution its going to be BIG and very EXPENSIVE...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. if your on a low budget i recommend dialing down the resolution slightly, 2560x1600 for gaming is not cheap.

    for a gaming monitor you will need something along the specs of 2ms response time for reduced ghosting and atleast 27" to get a good idea of what your doing, a gtx 670 will most definitely be able to handle really high end game play, i know cause i play borderlands 2 in pseudo 3d on a gtx 660ti

    if you want a standard gaming monitor with good response times and good refresh rates, check out something like the ASUS VG278HE its alot cheaper, and it may only be 1920x1080 but its nvidia 3d vision ready

    if your dead set on high resolution then something like the ASUS PB278Q is good aswell

    also check out Iiyama Prolite E2273HDS, its a very good monitor, especially if you want surround, buy 3 of them it'll cost you about the same as the two up there and there excellent gaming monitors

    and finally to answer your question, assuming price is not a limitation, go for the dell u3011 for 2560x1600
  3. Ok thanx I think I'll go for a 27" 1920x1080 monitor
  4. craigslist (www.craigslist.org) has the best deals.
    especially around christmas, people buy a new Monitor/TV screen and are looking to sell their "old" one

    i got a 32" LED SMART Samsung TV (usually around $600 US Dollars) for only 250 with an Apple TV2!
  5. I have the same like Wrathofdragons’ Samsung but the inches are different mine is smaller. But it’s good and I am very pleased with it.
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