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Ok, so i have the converter thing from microsoft all dowloaded. i have a crod that plugs into the pc and the controller, so my wireless controller is in the pc. when it was finished downloading, i noticed that i had the top left of the controller ring lit up, so that worked. then it says i have to restart, so i did. NOW IT DOSENT WORK! IT WONT TURN ON NOW, NOW IT JUST KEEPS FLASHING. It works on my xbox. I also tried re-downloading it, but it says i already have it, and microsoft says "just plug it in again" i did that several times AND NOTHING HAPPENED!!!! HEEEEEEELP!
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  1. There is no wireless cord that plugs into the PC and the Xbox 360 controller. The only adapter that allows a wireless controller to plug into a PC is the wireless controller receiver for PC. Also, if you have Windows 7 then you shouldn't even need to install the driver. It's built into the OS.

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