Overclocking FSB?

Hi all,

First time posting here, so hi :D


AMD XP 2700+ 333MHz FSB
A7N8X Deluxe rev 2
768MB PC2100
MSI GeForce4 ti4200 128MB
Soundblaster Audigy Gamer
Volcano 9 (CPU idles at 45 degrees C)

Ok, I've just upgraded my processor and motherboard to those you see above. I'd like to upgrade my RAM as well, but I want to purchase PC3200 and still get the benefits of synchronizing my FSB with my RAM speed. To be specific, I'm looking at purchasing either two sticks of 256 or two sticks of 512 from Corsair as part of their TwinX idea, to take advantage of the dual channel on the a7n8x.

Like I said, I want to be able to sync the two speeds, but I'd rather move the FSB up than the RAM speed down. Do you guys think I'll be able to overclock the FSB up to 200MHz from the 166 it's at right now? Bear in mind I have little to no experience overclocking, and the "little" comes from reading various sites tonight.

I tried working my way up tonight, but got only to 179 FSB before 3d mark froze up on me, and my CPU hit 58 C (which isn't that hot, so I'm not sure why it would freeze up on me like that).

I think I'm in a little over my head here, so any help you guys could provide would be *greatly* appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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  1. welcome to the boards :D

    you dont have to move ram speed down. Ram rated at a certain speed is guarranteed to run UP TO that speed so dont worry. The higher rated stuff is just more likely to run at higher FSB speeds.

    Dont bother with Corsair if you're not made of money. Twinmos PC3200 is just as good but only if you get the stuff with winbond chips. It is half the price.

    With that you should be able to get your FSB up to 200 or so. You may have to lower your multiplier to hit that though, theres loads of info on this already on these boards.

    good luck boss ;)

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  2. You definantly need to lower your multiplier to reach 200 MHz FSB.

    Your CPU runs at 13*166 now, 200 would give you a CPU speed of 2600 MHz which you wont reach with some kick ass cooling.
    Your multipliers should've been fully unlocked by your motherboard so try something like 11*200 and see if that works. You might need to slightly increase VCore though.

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  3. Fortunately, I am made of money, so that's not an issue :D

    Yea, I realized that I wouldn't *have* to move the RAM speed down, but 1) I wanna get the speed that I'm paying for and 2) I've always wanted to try ocing, and now's my chance ;)

  4. Ok, in regards to increasing my voltage, that's obviously gonna generate a lot more heat... right? So if it does, would I generally have to lower my multiplier further?

    Also, another general question while you guys are here, if I were to put my FSB to 170, for example, could I bring my RAM speed to 170 as well? I haven't looked too closely at the RAM yet, so I dunno if that would work.... and I'm at work for the next 12 hours so I can't go home to find out ;)

    Thanks for the responses guys!

  5. Yes you can. PC3200 ram is rated to run at speeds up to 200. If you can you'll want to keep your FSB and Memory speeds the same. That'll give you the best performance.

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  6. Well yes if you increase the VCore you increase the amount of power pumped through your CPU and thus increase the heat exchange. You only need to increase the VCore when your CPU can't run at the higher speed.
    So if the temps get to high at 11x with an increased VCore (when needed) you might want to lower it to 10.5x or 10x instead.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
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