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I just recently switched from XP to 7. I liked XP much better. Simply worked. I've had so many issues and questions that to post them here would exhaust the community so 1 at a time I guess. I've got an 8GB sd card. Every time I put a card in the reader on any computer I own with windows 7 it won't read the disk it says it needs to be formatted even though it already is. So I let it format my 8 gig sd card. For some reason my computer now reads it as a primary drive and not removable. I can't delete the drive because it simply leaves everything there and calls it unallocated space. I just want my card back. Putting it in does nothing as windows believes it is always in anyway. Putting the same card in another windows 7 machine also calls it a primary drive but at least acknowledges that it is removable. How do I fix this? I just want it to be an SD Card again.
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  1. das_stig said:

    Yes I did but it said it was not for my computer. It did the same thing on all of my windows 7 machines.
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