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Xbox360/Windows Media Center VS. Comodo Firewall

November 28, 2012 10:39:02 PM

I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 to my PC via Windows Media Center extender but I can't pass the point where you enter the code to add the Xbox 360 extension, I get an error message advising me of my firewall (Comodo Firewall).
I've been searching for quite some time on a way to fix this issue, I've added a few firewall exceptions, made a network zone, forwarded the ports and tons of other things that doesn't seem to do the trick, I even tried using Azerus Vuze to synch media between my PC and my Xbox 360 which didn't turn out so well.
My Modem is DMZ enabled so I don't have to port forward any ports via my modem.
I'm using Eset AntiVirus (Personal Firewall disabled)
Anti Malmwarebytes anti-malmware
and Comodo standalone third-party firewall.

I even tried disabling both my firewall's firewall and security, wasn't much help at all.