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hello, i dont know where exactly to put this, but i think this is the closet.
I want to run a server for certain games (not really demanding anymore) but i dont want them running off of my main desktop, and I am trying to decide what is better. (warning this is kinda old hardware) I have 2 old desktop pcs.
One has a core 2 duo at 2ghz and can hold currently a max of 2 gigs of ram
the 2nd one has a p4 3ghz ht and i can put 3 gigs of ram in it.
i want to run servers for games like minecraft sometimes source engine games (gmod, insurgency dod:s), and maybe as a one time thing arma 2.
I also want to possibly in the future use the pc as network storage/a pc to remote backup my pcs.
heres where the last part comes in, i have a laptop running a core i3 2.3ghz sandy brige and 6 gigs of ram, the only issue would be the server part. i also use this pc for periodic torrent downloads/uploads but i can turn it off.
should i go with the laptop and keep the desktop around for future storage server, or just use the desktop now?
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  1. by the way, sorry if i posted this in the wrong area, this seemed to be the best to me
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