Borderlands 2: computer restarts at launch.

whenever i press play on the borderlands 2 splash, my screen freezes and my computer automatically reboots. i've tried everything (running w/out launcher, updating gpu, reinstalled the whole game, reinstalled the required redistributables) except updating my bios. would it be worth doing that? i've been a bit skeptical due to the risks involved. someone had mentioned a ceg problem, what is that? any advice would be appreciated.

edit: here is the ongoing discussion so far
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  1. What PSU do you have?
  2. i'm unsure of the actual model, but its wattage is 550.

    if you were wondering about the specs of everything else:
    ga-970a-d3 motherboard
    amd fx(tm) 6100 x6 cpu
    sapphire hd radeon 6770 gpu
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