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Star Wars: The Old Repbulic - LF Cheap Peripherial Alternatives

November 29, 2012 12:14:55 PM

My keyboard that has served me well since the days of Classic WoW and EQ2, but my trusty Logitech (nothing fancy, basic $30 keyboard at the time) is finally calling it quits... The " / " only works about half the time, and the entire WASDEQ has been stickered and sharpie'd and everything else to try to keep it in alive and kicking...

As for my mouse, had the WoW Cataclysm MMO Mouse (big bastard, 14 buttons), well out of warranty and half the buttons don't work.

My wife said she'll buy me something tech related for Christmas and wants ideas, so here's what I'm looking for:
A Gaming Keyboard & Mouse (can be different manufacturers, not too picky) that I can actually use in SW:TOR.

The WoW Cataclysm mouse, I've tried every work-around I could find online, but the only extra button that worked was Mouse Button 4 (by my thumb). It still works (well, the buttons that aren't broken) when I had my cousin test it in WoW, but something with the software binds not working in TOR even when running as Admin.

Looking for suggestions on peripherals that you personally or someone you know (personally, not some guy on Facebook) have used in TOR that have worked.

MOUSE REQUIREMENTS: All buttons must be mappable within TOR. Doesn't need to be macro'd, I like the in-game key binding page, but if I pay for a lot of buttons I want to use them all.

KEYBOARD REQUIREMENTS: Ability to Macro and have said macro work in TOR (i.e., pop 2 Cooldowns and a Relic that are not effected by Global Cooldown)

Put simply, can't afford the actual licensed peripherals:
Mouse ($140) -
Keyboard ($250) -

Thanks in advance guys!