SW:TOR Freezes for several seconds at a time, only on my desktop...

Playing TOR as a healer is a breeze... until your screen freezes for several seconds at a time. The game runs fine on my laptop and RAN fine on my desktop until 1.5.1 (The patch that fixed some issue with something and broke companions until they released 1.5.1a a day later).

I though the patch was buggy as hell, but it runs fine on my laptop, and fine on my wife's desktop, which is literally right next to mine. Also, hittin M only bring up the map about half the time, with serious lag issues.

Ging to reinstall later today, but hoping someone can give me an alternative before I do.
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  1. Think I solved it lol

    As a last ditch effort to avoid the process of uninstall, reinstall, I ran the Analyze from Auslogics Disk Defrag, was going to defrag and optimize before I left to run errands but was wrapping up a few things first... Told me my disk was bad and I needed to run a check disk ( chkdsk /f C: ), set to run on restart, and then restarted. Almost done scanning, let's hope it works... Love when the brand new HDD only lasts year... Here's hoping it's not going to die any time soon, then backing up my files just in case...
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