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Hi guys!

So i only have the $$ for either BF3 Premium or normal PC version of Black ops 2, My rig can handle either splendidly (Gtx 670 SLI, i7 3820 @ 4Ghz). I cant seem to be able to make my choice, i love the CoD gunplay and the fact that is Fast paced , i dislike the graphics and the sound comparing it to BF3, As for BF3 i like the graphics(no surprise there), i like the vehicles, but from what i heard its much slower paced than Bo2 and also i like the whole kill/score streak wich bo2 brings to the table. I will be playing either of theese 2 online, i dont care much for single player. Can you guys give me a hand in making a choice please?

thank you
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  1. BF3 is definitely more slow paced, which also scared me at first a little when I was trying to decide to buy it or not. But it's not really that big of a deal cause half the time you're in a vehicle going to the battle areas and you can just observe the map/battlefield and the nice graphics lol. Also it's not THAT slow paced, it's really fine it just takes a few rounds to get used to and figure out where all the little battles are on every map.
    Also a single GTX 670 will not max out bf3 and keep a solid 60 @ 1080p. But pretty damn close enough.
    BUT Black Ops 2 is just plain fun cod, as usual.
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