BF3 low fps on i5 -750 and gtx560

hello everyvody not long time ago i overclocked my cpu (i5 - 750 to 3.6 GHz) and first i got 60fps on BF3 but now i get 50- 45.
and its driving me crazy. i have a gtx 560 that should get me to 60 FPS but still sometimes i get to 60 and sometimes to 50 could it be my CPU that he is dieing from my OC

please help as soon as possible

thanks all
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  1. What resolution and settings? Multiplayer or singleplayer?
  2. i am playing on high quality on FHD and its on multiplayer i get the low FPS
  3. i have 10 MBs internet connection and i have a very good cpu
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