Battlefield 3 Origin Game Not Found

Win 7 installed on 64GB SSD
Media,Games,Documents installed/stored on 500GB HDD (Including Origin and Battlefield 3)


Brand new win7 on the same SSD.
All my files remained intact on the same HDD ( I unplugged the HDD when I formatted and re-installed win7). After formatting was done, all drivers installed, when trying to launch Battlefield 3 through origin, the game was not found and needs to be re-downloaded. However on the HDD the Battlefield 3 file is over 19GB in size which suggests the game is on my HDD.


Is there a way to link the Battlefield 3 file on my HDD to Origin so I won't have to download the whole game again?
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  1. Hey! thanks for replying so fast.
    I actually browsed some forums and found out the solution.

    I changed the "Downloaded Games" directory (Origin>Application Setting) to a new folder on my HDD under a new name, started a whole new download for Battlefield 3 and paused it at 1%. I then copy/pasted the old Battlefield 3 file into the one I just created. Windows prompted me to replace the file which i did by skipping and allowing it to. Then after the file transfer was done I killed origin, went back and the download process went from 1% to 85% (varies from one person to the next).
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