Corsair M60 or G9X for battlefield 3

I am looking into buying a new mouse for my computer and am in need of some advice. I have narrowed it down to either G9X or a Corsair M60. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? I will mainly be using it to play Battlefield 3, but occassionally some Skyrim.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. got the m60 and would recommend it

    heres a review of the g9x which also compares it in some aspects to the m60,2817,2408705,00.asp
  2. I have the g9x and love it. My father and I both run them and love the weight inserts, the custom profiles, led lights, middle and side buttons..... its a solid mouse. Comes with two grips as well to fit bigger or smaller hands.
  3. get which ever 1 is cheaper. they are as good as each other in my opinion. the g9x loses out slightly due to lower dpi which in turn means more prediction but to be honest the g9x was and is an excellent mouse. the prediction i mention was never really an issue with it so its not really relivant in any way other than its there because of the lower dpi. but because both mice have higher than needed dpi anyway its not really an issue but more of a way to differentiate 2 very good mice... honestly i wish that was the only issue with most other mice but with these 2 its about all you can mention and have any wiggle room for an opinion... that is if price isnt an issue.

    there both great mice so try em both and send the 1 you find least comfy back. as you wont be disappointed with either.
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